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  * Disclaimer - Not all of the following website links are provided by members of
   the Holiness faith, but are either Bible based or considered generally useful
   materials for Christians. The staff of the HPO website does not necessarily agree
   with nor endorse all of the contents of the sites listed below.  

 Internet Filtering
   We suggest that anyone that accesses the Internet should utilize filtering software to prevent
   access to inappropriate content (accidental or intentional by others). The use of filtering can
   block many types of content such as pornography or other sexual content from being accessed
   from your computer.
( Psalms 101:2 )
   Open DNS free version  - Internet Filtering - easy to implement and it is 100% free
   Open DNS paid version - Filtering -easy to implement & provides more features at $9.95/yr
K9 Web Protection        - Filtering - medium difficulty to implement and it is 100% free

 Streaming Internet Radio
   Holiness Preaching Radio via Tunein 
   Holiness Voices Radio 
   Tunein Radio 

  Addiction treatment
   Faith and Recovery from addictions

   King James Bible - online Edition
   M & M Books - Mike Maxon, Sr. (antique, collectible and rare Holiness & Pentecostal books)
   Ain't No Grave: The Life & Legacy of Brother Claude Ely
   Absolutely Trinity!     - by David Lamb
   Free download of the Holiness Handbook in PDF format
   What is Holiness  - by William F. Hill
   Smith Wigglesworth - Apostle of Faith
   Christian Book Distributors  - KJV Bibles, concordances, & various other resources books
   Preaching Sermons  - ebooks for sermons and illustrations

  Church Pioneering
   Maranatha Missions

   Understanding Bible based Holiness Doctrine
   Free download of the Holiness Handbook in PDF format
   What is Holiness  - by William F. Hill

   Free Gospel Bible Institute
   Ozark Bible Institute & College

   Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference
  Finances (Bible based concepts)
   Christian Financial Ministries
   Crown Financial Ministries

  Hymns - Sheet music / Sound Tracks / MIDI files
   Cyber Hymnal
   Good Music
   Hymnal Plus - if you  don't have church musicians or need a fill in
   Small Church Music
   Synthia - electronic Hymn Player

  Kids and Family web sites
   Adventures in Odyssey
   Answers in Genesis
   Audio Theater Central  
   Children's Bible Stories On-Line
   Christian Book Distributors 
   Christian Answers/Kid Explorers
   Children's Bible Hour  
   Down Gilead lane
   His Kids Radio (On demand options for several broadcasts; warning that most music is contemorary)
   Jungle Jam
Karen and Kids
   Kid's Bible
   Kid's Corner
   Lamplighter Theater Audio drama
   Life at the Pond
   Odyssey Scoop 
   Paws and Tales 
   Theater on the Air  
   Veggie Tales Books 
   We Kids - Mr Nick

  News Letter / Publications
   Holiness Messenger
   Holiness Informer

  Purchased Music
   Redemption Music Group

   L.D. Moore preaching site Proceeds from every purchase will go entirely to support Sis. Bea Moore

  Bible Resources
   E-Sword Bible Software (free)
   The Word Bible Software (free)
   Blue Letter Bible (free)
   Bible Gateway (free)
   Biblos Bible Study (free)
   Bible Study Tools (free)
   Bible (free)
   Biblical Archaeology Society

   The Gospel Herald
   Christian Headlines -  News
   ChristianTopNews -  News
   SRN News

General Christian Reference material
   Crosswalk - Christian Living Resources
   The Christian Post
   Christian Classics Ethereal Library
   Serve Him - Christian reference listings

Prophesy - End Times events
   Koinonia House
   Southwest Radio Church
   Hope that Purifieth Ministries
   Hal Lindsey Report
   Bible Prophecy Central
   Prophecy Update
   How Long O Lord

  Church Web sites  (listed by state)